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We get hired to trim trees for a variety of reasons. It could be a matter of safety, to reduce the size of a tree, or just for cosmetic effect. Whatever the reason you have, we can provide you with advice and ideas about what type of tree trimming would best suit your situation. You may think a tree is lost and needs removal, but often they can be saved, and a good trim is all that's required.

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Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC are tree specialists, and we spend every day working on trees. We are proud of taking every precaution to make sure that our work is the safest that it possibly can be. People and property are our number one concerns for keeping safe. To help us do this, we only use the best and most up-to-date equipment on the market, and we are fully insured.

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Having a safe tree does not just mean removing a hazardous tree when it falls. Trees are trimmed and pruned as they grow to give them a healthy crown. This type of preventive maintenance will give the tree a much better chance of staying healthy during storms.

Of course, trimming can just be done for aesthetic reasons too, and Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC does many such jobs. Even trimming back bushes and shrubs to make them look good will contribute to a safer yard. Better visibility, less obstruction, and increased clearance will all lessen the risk of accidents, and make your property look better! When Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC complete a trimming job, we do it thoroughly and properly so that it will last for several years. 

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Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC has served Upstate SC for many years, making sure that all of our customers get a top-quality tree service. We would love the chance to add you to our list of highly satisfied customers by giving you our expert tree service.

Even if you need some advice on trimming your shrubs and trees, one of our experienced staff would be delighted to be contacted by you. If you are located in Upstate SC or surrounding locales, give us a call today!

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