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Removing a beautiful tree is the last course of action anyone wants to take, but in certain situations, it's the only option. To help you decide to remove a tree, or whether another option is available, you can seek advice from a professional South Carolina tree specialist. With the most affordable prices around, Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC will not only provide you with skilled, reliable, and efficient service, and we won't blow your budget doing it.

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Trees make any outdoor space look more beautiful, but there are occasions when they become dangerous to residents and property. We will survey the hazardous tree and help you decide what the best option is for removing the risk. Sometimes, that may involve removing the tree completely.

Practically all trees have some risk of falling, and this can happen due to several conditions. Trees are particularly vulnerable after high winds or storms. Our SC tree removal experts can advise you on whether tree removal is required or if another service such as trimming is more suitable. If it comes down to tree removal, Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC also provides a stump removal service.

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Only Use a Professional and Safe SC Tree Removal Service

Whatever job we are doing, our number one priority is safety to people and property. As part of our professional tree service, Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC offers you a detailed consultation. This allows us to see the problem tree, and plan out work in the safest and most effective way.

Winds can frequently be so strong that they can leave trees damaged or leaning. A tree that leans too much can present a risk to your, or your neighbors, property. Trees close to property present a more significant threat, particularly during adverse weather conditions. 

If your tree is in an unhealthy state or is dying, then the threat of falling is heightened further. Sick or dying trees should be removed at the earliest opportunity, as even regular maintenance will not eliminate the risk of it falling. 

How Do You Select The Best South Carolina Tree Removal Service?

For tree removal for business or domestic premises in SC, Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC can provide you with the best service at the best prices. Our professional arborists are amongst the most skilled and experienced in SC, and they can take on any tree regardless of the size.

Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC is located in Upstate, SC, and we can do business, home, or neighborhood jobs across the area. Tree removal is a dangerous task, so it is vital that you choose a professional tree service, and not take a tree removal task on yourself. Our tree removal service includes removal from the trunk to the crown.

At Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC, we possess the skills and experience needed to fix any tree issue. We take pride in our work and the dedication that our skilled and experienced arborists put into their practice. Our mission is to give you a reliable and effective tree removing service in South Carolina so that your property is safe and free from the hazards of tree fall. 

Why Should You Only Use Hire Professional Tree Removal Specialists?

Many people advertise as offering a tree removal service. Before you consider trying the services of a local handyman with a chainsaw, you should consider the dangerous nature of tree removal, and the consequences of getting things wrong. An untrained person removing a tree can result in a tree falling on your property, or you! Even worse, if a tree falls on a neighboring property or person, you could be liable for substantial damages.

Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC is fully insured for our tree removal and emergency tree removal operations. So, in the unlikely event of an accident occurring, we have the necessary cover for you, your property, and the surrounding neighborhood in terms of any damage incurred. 

Should You Remove A Tree?

If there is a dead, dying, or dangerous tree in your outside space, removing it is the safest option. Doing this will also give the surrounding trees, plants, and grass a chance to thrive.

Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC’s professional arborists will be able to advise you on whether your tree can be saved or if it should be removed. If you have any doubts about your tree’s health, call Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC in Upstate SC for the best tree removal advice.

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