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There are several reasons and circumstances under which you can require an emergency tree removal service. One such circumstance is that you have a dying tree which will most likely give way to even a mild breeze. Another can be that you have a lightning-splintered trunk. Whatever the case (and yours may be different), what’s most important is that you find the right team to remove it as quickly as possible. And our team is just right for you.

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Within a few hours of your calling and making an appointment with us, well be in your location to safely remove the tree and restore your environment to safety. Well ensure theres no extra risk after were gone by taking down the plant tree piece by piece.

Emergency Trimming

A broken tree branch hanging precariously over your house or on a tree under which people sit or walk can be dangerous. This can be the situation after a storm, lightning and high winds, or any other condition that can result in the breaking of tree branches. If they are left the untouched, they could cause untold damage. The wise thing to do in such a situation is to get an emergency trimming service and have the branch and others removed. We will provide you that tree trimming service you need, no matter how urgent or whether its for twigs, foliage, branches or all of them. This is one of those situations where youre better safe than sorry, so its something we take seriously.

Fallen Tree Removal

When trees fall to the ground by themselves they usually block off roads, homes and even power lines. That’s beside the fact that they can cause a lot of damage if they fall on anything like a house or car. If there is a tree down regardless of reason, there is a need for its removal.  In such a situation you need emergency tree removal services that will respond as fast as possible. If you do need such a service, we’re here for you. We will respond and remove the fallen tree as fast as possible.

Emergency Tree Removal After

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Situations where emergency tree removal is needed

Several situations would warrant an emergency tree removal and they include

1. A tree is a possible threat to properties or people – When parts or branches of a tree begin falling on cars, buildings and causing even the smallest damages its time for the tree to be removed.

2. The tree has fallen by itself or is damaged after a storm – This is another sign a tree needs immediate removal, especially when it has been damaged.

3. The tree is close to a power line – If a tree is close to a power line, even if it hasnt started causing problems, it should be removed.

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If  you need emergency tree removal, we are just a call away. Many times after a storm, you may be approached by uninsured, unqualified people who will do a cut-rate job, but many of these people lack the necessary insurance, and may put you and your family at risk. Hire only qualified, insured emergency tree removal experts like us at Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC.

Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC’s expert emergency tree removal specialists will be able to safely and affordably remove all fallen trees, and clear your property after a storm. Give Southern Roots Tree Care, LLC in Upstate SC a call today for the best emergency tree removal advice!

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